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Molding Capabilities
Below is a list of our Injection Molding capabilities. It includes the machine tonnage, shot size in ounces, distance between tie bars, and the machines minimum stack height.
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Besides our injection molding machines we also offer several other processes. We have the capability of doing vibration and sonic welding. We have a tool maker that is extremely well versed in building tools/fixtures for these processes. We also have an outside company that builds assembly fixtures for us that put a witness mark on the part to show all the components were assembled correctly. We have a machine that robotically places a bulb seal on the surface of a plastic component. We offer the capability to do overmolding; which is the process of molding a soft plastic onto a hard plastic where they will be chemically bonded. We can also do in mold labeling or decorating. We also have several robots that in most cases we can utilize them to make our processes faster and to require less operators. With a decrease in cycle time or eliminating an operator we can offer our customers a cheaper price on their product. These are some of our capabilities; which we are always looking to expand on. So please don’t hesitate to inquire about something even if you don’t see it on our webpage.