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About Faith Plastics LLC
Faith Plastics, LLC was founded in the Summer of 2000 by Laura and Joe Occhipinti. They built the company on the quality policy "Complete Customer Satisfaction With 100% On-Time Delivery That Meets or Exceeds Customer Expectation Through Teamwork and Continuous Improvement". 

Since Opening we have been providing our customers with dependable and efficient service with the upmost importance on quality. Not only do we strive for the best in quality we also aim to make all deliveries On-Time. We are proud to say that since opening in 2000 we have been able to maintain a 100% On-Time Delivery.

Faith Plastics, LLC is always striving for continuous improvement. We have added on different processes to further our capabilities to help our customers needs or requirements. We have been using check gages, fixtures, dimensional gages, and witness marks to further our quality of products being sent to our customers. We are also ISO Certified and we have audits every 6 months. During this audit one of the sections we focus on is our continuous improvement. Every improvement we make is with the thought of helping our customer receive quality parts on time.

Besides providing quality and on time parts, we also offer several different "Green" materials at usually a cheaper price than prime material. This not only provides a quality part to our customer at usually a reduced price but it also lowers our ecological impact. We have produced parts with reprocessed tire, coconut, jute and soy beans. We are always trying to expand this line of materials to help offer a green alternative to our customers. If you need specifics to the characteristics of the green materials please send us an email.

Feel free to contact us about anything that you would like more information about. We look forward to helping you with your projects.

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