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Faith Plastics LLC
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We Are 100% Committed To Customer Satisfaction 
    If you are looking for a reliable custom injection 
molder, there’s no better solution for you than to 
turn to our company Faith Plastics, LLC. 

    Our company takes the time to learn your 
individual needs and requirements. We can even 
help with reviewing initial designs to help get you 
to the stage of producing your custom design. We 
help find the appropriate tool maker for your design
requirements and hold WebEx meetings with the 
tool maker to discuss any problems with the design 
and any minor tweaks that need to be made to make
your part capable of being production ready. If our
customers choose to our tool makers have the 
capabilities to do a mold flow analysis to prove out the design before any PO is cut. After the initial PO for the tool we follow up with our customers on the expected day of first parts off the press and invite you to see your product being produced.

    We take immense pride in our work here at Faith Plastics, LLC. We have a 100% On-Time Delivery record that we have kept ever since opening back in 2000. Everyone that works here at Faith Plastics, LLC knows that we aim to EXCEED customer expectations. While most companies try to see what your requirements are and as long as they meet those they are good; but here at Faith Plastics, LLC we hold ourselves to a higher standard and only ship out what we consider as our best capable product for each customer. Know that you will be taken care of when it comes to the quality of your parts.

     With a wide range of machine tonnages (85 Ton – 1375 Ton), Vibration Welder, Sonic Welder, Overmolding, Robotic Processes and Automation we are sure to have the capability to offer our customers with first-rate services and affordable rates. Give us a call or email to discuss what we can do for you and your particular needs or you can even submit a request for quote right from our webpage on the tab “Contact Us/RFQ”.

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